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Jeanie Baker

Global Healing & Retreats 

Jeanie Baker is an International Facilitator of Retreats, Healing, Events and Workshops.

Jeanie is an Intuitive Healer,

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.

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Holistic & Energy Healing Therapy

Bring Awareness, Connection, Healing and Alignment to your Mind, Body, and Soul.  


Choose from:

Intuitive and Reiki Healing, CranioSacral Bodywork Therapy, Reflexology, Spinal Flush Energy and Bodywork Therapy

Workshops, Classes, and Certifications

Connect and Transform with Reiki Level I & Level II 


Reiki Master Course Certification, 


Chakra and 

Essential Oil 


Self- Care, Healing and Meditation Classes


Global Healing Retreats offer you an opportunity to connect, learn, heal, share and empower yourself and others within a sacred and safe group environment. These retreats offer you Yoga and Meditation Practices, Healing, and Empowerment.

Retreats are offered Domestically and Internationally. 

Remote Distance Healing, Packages & Animal Reiki

Everything is made of energy, therefore this modality travels between time and space. Distance healing is extremely powerful and heals on all levels of the body. This modality is perfect for those of you unable to meet with me in person. 


Our animals friends are an important part and purpose in my life. Animals only understand Energy, and Reiki Healing is very beneficial for their Wellness.


About Me

 It was my first class of Yoga in 2003, that started the Intentional path of reconnecting me back to my Spirit and Soul. I had been living someone else's dream for many years. Yoga lead me to Reiki, and Reiki led me back to a deeper connection to my Intuition. My seven years living full time in Costa Rica connected me back to Nature, everyday.

 I am a free spirit and have an Intuitive Soul. Through my own Self Healing, and self care practices, I have overcome many of life's tribulations and continue to heal from the inside-out. Empowering and healing myself, led me to facilitate Empowerment and Healing for others.


I believe each of us are responsible for the energy we bring to every situation and experience. Every thought, emotion, belief and action creates our reality. Stagnant energy can cause physical, emotional and mental blocks and dis-ease in the body. Releasing and moving stagnant energy, creates space for healing, new beginnings and opportunities. Opening and creating space invites you to align with your highest vibration, path and purpose. Energy Healing Therapies assist you in this process. Dive deeper with an Intuitive Healing session. Empower yourself through one of my many workshops, classes and certifications. Join our tribe on a Global Healing Retreat! I look forward to working together to connect and LIVE IN YOUR HIGHEST VIBRATION! 

Contact me to Connect with your Highest Vibration! 

Connect, Heal... Transform

My own life experiences, and through witnessing and observing many students, clients, friends and people, I have come to observe the way to Transformation is to connect IN. We must first look inside. Then find modalities of healing that support this process of connection, healing and positivity. By gaining tools of self-care, each of us learn to love all the parts of ourselves. Self Love and Acceptance leads to personal growth, evolution, and Transformation. 

It is through our own personal change and evolution that we can be an example to others in our community and Globally. 

 CONNECT, HEAL, and TRANSFORM in a private healing session, during one of the Workshops I facilitate, or during a Soul Empowering Retreat. 

 Join our Global Healing Tribe!

With Love and Gratitude,



I had my first energy healing session ever with Jeanie while on a yoga retreat. I had no clue what to expect and Jeanie immediately put me at ease. Her calm and loving demeaner can be sensed from the second you meet her. My session led to some major clarity on questions I had in my personal life. She was such an amazing addition to our retreat. Jeanie truly has a special gift to share with the world.
Sara, Charleston, S.C.: Mother, Yoga Therapist, Non-profit organizer 

Customized Aromatherapy Crystal Rollerball blend


Customized crystal aromatherapy rollerballs are made with high vibrational crystals and doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and are created Intentional for your specific needs & Intentions. They are infused with Energy & Sound Healing, Reiki, and with the purpose to serve your HIGHEST SELF. XOXO 

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in a Box

These Intentional Welness boxes are created for you to connect & feel to a specific vibration. Each Self Love item in this box will activate your light within and create integration with the VIBRATION OF JOY.