Distance Reiki Healing

Everything is made of energy, therefore this modality travels between time and space to remove stagnant energies and create space for new beginnings and opportunities. Distance healing is extremely powerful and heals on all levels of the body. Distance Healing sessions include a call to communicate your situation, what you want to work on, Intentions, for your healing and post follow-up. 

Distance Healing Sessions: $60 for one hour

Distance Healing Monthly Package:  Is there a pattern, behavior, fear or emotion (s) that continues to block you from moving forward in your life? This package is a wonderful way for you to connect deeper to the root of your blockages. This package includes weekly calls, healings, customized guided meditation and follow up to support your process of removing these blockages and stepping forward into your best life.

Distance Healing Monthly Package: $300

Animal Reiki Healing

The wellness, education and healing of our animal friends is a very important part of my purpose in life. Animals communicate through energy. Each animal healing is specific to their needs. I facilitate Reiki and Energy Healing to a wide range and variety of animals. Please contact me for your animal's specific needs.


Animal Reiki Healing starts at $25 and the time varies based on the animals needs.

Call or email me to schedule Reiki for your animal friend