Heal, Balance and Revitalize using

Essential Oils

Essential oils are part of my self-care practice since 2013. I also utilize their cleansing, healing and therapeutic benefits with clients during Retreats, Healing and Workshops. They work all on levels of the body and can be used AROMATICALLY, TOPICALLY and some INTERNALLY. 

Using Essential oils is an Ancient practice to handle and deal with Emotions. Our Emotional health plays a huge role in our reality. While aromatherapy has proven an effective method for influencing emotions throughout several centuries, the connection between the brain and aroma is more than an ancient practice—it can now be explained scientifically due to extensive research and discovery. The science behind aromatherapy helps to explain how it is possible for different aromas to elicit certain feelings. 

It is essential for you to use quality oils. Even Organic oils can contain fillers such as alcohol, synthetic liquids and pesticides. Some specific oils, such as Cyress, are unable to be used internally. Each oil company will have their own symbols for the ways you can use them.

Find out how Essential Oils can support, heal and revitalize you and your family's Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual state of BE-ing......  
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