Client Love

"Jeanie is one of the kindest most beautiful souls I know. I have had several distance healing sessions with her and each one has made a noticeable difference in my life in terms of my health, both physically and mentally. Not only does she do a distance healing but she also sends guided notes on what you need to be doing to amp up her healing afterwards. She will always check up on how you are doing to be doing to amp up her healing afterwards. She will always check up on how you are doing and will advise you on any area you are unsure of. Self care is so important and something I ignored for a long time. Jeanie makes the entire experience feel nurturing and wonderful and I would recommend that everyone should have at least one session with her." - Priya Shah, writer, yoga teacher and world traveler: London, England​


"Jeanie has dramatically changed my life and I am forever grateful for her and her healing abilities. Jeanie, you are a gift to this universe. Thank you,thank you, thank you!!!!!! Xoxoxoxo"

- Meghan Weir, Life Coach: Vancouver Island, Canada

“I had experienced a few sessions with Jeanie so I had felt the powerful healing from Reiki. I had been introduced to Reiki years prior but hadn’t felt called to train with the woman who gave me my first taste of this energy work. I am so grateful I waited. Jeanie gave the class a thorough history of Reiki, as well as the chakra system. She planted the seed to enable us to combine this knowledge to heal ourselves even more deeply than with just Reiki alone. When we began practicing on ourselves and each other, the magic really began to happen. Jeanie skillfully and compassionately led us through all of the hand positions in a way that I still use for my personal self healing practice. Her loving energy permeated the class, as well as her ability to share authentically her own path of practicing Reiki. Her infectious laughter and good nature had everyone feeling at ease. Reiki I was so amazing and my life transformed so greatly in ways I could have never expected that I also trained with Jeanie to complete Reiki II. I highly recommend working with Jeanie in your transformative healing journey. The shit will definitely get interesting as you break through new ground...which is what makes life so fun. Welcome to the family of an ever widening circle of seekers who have been touched deeply by Jeanie’s love.” 

- Jennifer Oliver, Dancer, Pilates Instructor, and Hypnotherapist:

Mal Pais, Costa Rica 

Jennifer continued her Reiki practice and training. She became a Reiki Master and my first Master graduate in 2017.

Healers are channels and facilitators of Universal and Divine Energy. It transcends belief systems, race, culture, economic status, religion and more. Anyone can receive the positive benefits and transformation that Universal Energy provides. My heart is eternally grateful for all of the clients, students, and retreat attendees that invest in themselves. You all TRUST in the process of life and to the journey into the unknown. It is a blessing to be a witness to the connection, healing and transformation that unfolds!