• Jeanie Baker

Plant Your Seeds of Intentions: Happy New Moon!

Hola Friends! HAPPY NEW MOON! Time to plant and MANIFEST peoples! People always ask me, how do you meditate? How to do you visualize? How do you Manifest? Start here. Use today, the New MOON, and its energy over the next few days to sit, breathe and plant your seeds. The more you experiment with this and other tools, it will unfold with ease. ENJOY and HAPPY PLANTING! All the phases of the moon hold special energy. The moon and it's phases are there for all of us to see, feel and utilize as part of our life practice. New moons are the time to plant seeds. I like to open my imagination and visualize my body as my soil. I close my eyes and plant the seeds in my body that I want to nurture and grow over the next month. I take time to breathe and visualize these seeds into reality and see myself living this way. #YEAROFABUNDANCE #NEWMOON #setintentions #livewithintentions #jeaniebakerglobalhealing

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