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Reiki Certification and Courses

Reiki Level I: The Discovery of a Self-Care and Healing Practice

Connect with the Light within. Experience an Empowerment and Self-Care workshop with Reiki. Reiki, pronounced "Ray-Key", is the Japanese translation for Universal Life Energy. You will be attuned to the ancient wisdom and powerful healing of Reiki Energy. This experience will guide you to feel Universal Life Energy, and receive ways to channel and utilize this lifetime modality to heal yourself on all levels. Reiki Level I focuses on the connection within and learning the art of self-care to live your highest vibration.

You will also gain knowledge about:

  • the chakra energy system that governs the body

  • Grounding techniques

  • Protection techniques

  • Meditation and more!

You will receive a certification as a Reiki Level I Practitioner under the Usui Method of Reiki Healing after the completion of this workshop.


Investment: $250 per person in group workshop

Class duration: 6 hours class time and 2 hour at home assigned reading prior to attending the workshop. 

Private one on one workshop available, contact me for details


Reiki Level II: Connect deeper to the Ancient Wisdom, Energy

and Sacred Symbols of Reiki: 

Expand your healing practice and knowledge of Reiki with sacred symbols and distance healing. During this empowerment experience, you will attuned to another level of Reiki and will learn how to heal yourself and others without physical touch. Your personal connection to Reiki energy will increase and you will connect deeper to your inner wisdom and intuition. Each sacred symbol has it's own meaning and purpose. Learning how to ground and protect yourself is of vital importance when you are working with other energies. This workshop will provide you will tools to keep you protected and grounded as you start to practice and give this healing modality to other beings. You will become knowledgeable of these ancient sacred symbols and learn how to heal between time and space. You will receive your Reiki Level II Practitioner Certification after completing your Reiki Level II homework which will be given to during this class. Requirement: Reiki Level I Certification

Investment: $300 per person: class duration: 7 hours 

Private one on one workshop available contact me for pricing


Reiki Level III, Master Level: Reiki Healing Practitioner and Teacher Course: 

This Master Degree level of Reiki Healing is a course for Reiki Level I and II students and practitioners who are utilizing Reiki Healing as a daily practice of Self Healing, and a daily connection to Reiki Wisdom daily. This course is for those who wish to learn to teach Reiki, share this modality of healing with the world and facilitate healing to others. Contact me for further details. Requirement: Reiki One and Reiki II Certifications.

Investment: $550-$850.00 (sliding scale tuition)

Private and Group Course available.

Empowerment Workshops

Manifest your Dreams and Desires: A guided journey into your Personal POWER

Connect to your personal power and actualize your dreams and desires into reality! This journey starts with a guided meditation journey. Your breath is your teacher. You will breathe into and ignite your internal fire. Through various modalities of healing and practices, you will learn and be guided to connect to your innermost dreams and desires. After, you will visualize these manifestations into reality. Each participant will create a vision board to connect themselves with their highest self, highest purpose and path.

Investment: $44 per person: class duration: 3 hours

Private Group workshop available (minimum 4 people)

Chakra Workshops

Interactive Journey into the 7 main Chakras 

This interactive workshop leads you into the 7 main chakras, or energy centers of the body.

You will learn what these energy centers govern, including the systems of the body, and how they affect your everyday life and more. Opening, nurturing, and balancing your energetic centers is vital to your well-being.

You will explore this part of the chakra system through colors, foods, affirmations/mantras, essential oils, flower and gemstone elixirs, and various practices of meditation. You will learn how to activate, nurture, balance and support a healthy body on all of the levels. Each participant will receive material to take home to use in their life practice, including a Chakra flower/gemstone elixir or essential oil spray.

Investment: $70 per person: class duration: 4 hours

Private Group workshop available (minimum 4 people)

Gettin' Juicy with your Chakras: Chakra Juicing Workshop

Vibrate from the Inside-out! Chakras are circular energy centers. Imagine these energy centers as spinning wheels along the midline of your body from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. During this experience and interactive workshop, you will learn various ways to heal, nurture and balance your energy centers, including customized juices for each of your chakras. You will also receive the recipes to take home and explore on your own.


Investment: $60 per person: class duration: 5 hours

Private Group workshop available (minimum 4 people)

Essential Oil Workshops:

Essential Oils: Heal, Balance, & Revitalize your Body, Emotions and Mind by Nature 

Essential oils support healing and balance to every level of the body. Did you know every essential oil has a purpose and Intention? For instance, Frankincense is the oil of Truth. During this workshop, you will learn purposes and Intentions for a number of essential oils and how they can be used as a modality of healing on all levels of the body. Each participant will receive a list of over 50 oils with their purposes and Intentions and customized blend to support their life practice.

Investment: $50 per person: class duration: 3 hours

Private Group workshop available (minimum 4 people) 

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